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Come As You Are. Whether you are "through hiking" the Appalachian Trail or coming to the Nantahala for whitewater rafting you are invited to come worship with us.

Riverside Worship Services

Every Sunday, 8:30 am.

Memorial Weekend through September.


Big Wesser BBQ & Brew

13077 W Hwy 19, Bryson City

Recent Posts

A Miracle at the River

Last weekend, I experienced a miracle. It was a God Siting like we celebrate during our weekly River of Life services. The funny thing is, at the time, I didn’t recognize it as God working great wonders though ordinary people with a passion for sharing God’s love, a little gear and offerings from the heart. […]

2015 Haiti Trip – New Well Sites

One of the key things we do on our trips to Haiti is look at potential wells sites. We enjoy meeting the people and hearing their stories. We hear stories of lives saved … and lives lost. The needs are so great but we are little by little making a difference and giving hope in […]

2015 Haiti Trip – Day 6 Another Trip to the Hospital

On Day 6 of our Haiti trip we were able to get back to see the construction of the hospital located between Plaine de Nord and Acul de Nord. The River of Life has been blessed to provide the wells and plumbing necessary for proper hospital activities. It is a real blessing for us to […]

2015 Haiti Trip – Day 5

Today we delivered some supplies and water filtration buckets to a school named Communautaire Bienfaisance de Maroquee in the town of Maroquee. Over 200 children attend the school on a daily basis. We came to find out over the course of the day that this was not the first experience this community had with purification […]

2015 Haiti Trip – Special Edition

One of the critical components of giving clean water to the people of Haiti is by providing them filtration/purification buckets to use. Dr. Eugene makes sure that each person is trained in the art of “Bucketology” before they can receive their buckets. Dr. Eugene makes sure that each person that receives a bucket is given […]

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It is our commitment to share the love of God with others through the gift of water. The River of Life ministry has been missionally focused from the beginning and all monies donated online will be used to give water and life to the people of Haiti.


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